Be one of the first Partners

There was always a beginning - the first day, the first start, the first team

At this moment, we create an online marketplace with networking space. Stilabunt offers a beautiful and comfortable shopping experience and lifestyle platform for sustainable water & outdoor sports. 

With your feedback, you can help us to design the development according to your expectations and requirements. that's why we are going online with this beta version today.

Our mission starts with you, the first partnershops that offer their products on Stilabunt.

What is the benefit for you to be one of the first partner shops at Stilabunt? You have the chance to tell us your requirements and expectations for the Stilabunt online marketplace and we will look after the implementation. The beta version is flexible and we can communicate your wishes directly with our developer team. We will start the first promotions with you and therefore you will get the most attention. We are ready, motivated and full of ideas - so let's get started.

In the beginning, we focus on recruiting the first partnershops, so that the first customers can already find a certain selection of products. After all, our customers should feel comfortable and constantly browse through Stilabunt. 

We are looking forward to your feedback

Lisa & Stilabunt Team