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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

One solution to the key problem of our time is the social reorientation towards ecological behavior and the use of environmentally friendly products. This creates the need for an online marketplace for sustainable products that offer consumers easy access to products and manufacturer's growth opportunities.

One of the most important challenges is to increase environmental awareness. We accept this challenge and use sport as a multiplier and educational tool.

For people, sport means emotions, as well as the will to make the world a better place. Therefore, sport is the ideal instrument for educating people and sensitizing them to environmentally friendly alternatives. ​

  • Researching takes an effort to identify sustainable water and outdoor sports products.

  • Customers are unaware of sustainable alternative products for their sporting needs.

  • The lack of information about sustainable and fair production conditions, manufacturing processes, use of chemicals and raw materials or packaging waste within the supply chain is still very high.

  • Partner shops need the outreach and marketplace for sustainable and fair water & outdoor sports products and travel.

  • Communication work and education about environmental protection.

• one simple step towards becoming a world saver •

Eco-friendly equipment for your adventures - wetsuits, boards, fins, leashes, pads, wax sunscreen, zinc, functional clothes... are all available in an eco-friendly and innovative way. The materials are made of recycled plastics, certified wood or are completely organic without or less chemicals. You can be a world saver by simply selecting your equipment and accessories. Your choice is your support-

Be grateful that you can travel around the world, surf waves, dive into amazing coral reefs and hiking on massiv mountains- that is something very precious!

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