Fashion & Product Revolution

Fashion revolution week 2020 

For me, the revolution in fashion and product industry means that I have enlightened at least one person about the fact that there is so much more than just the advertising campaign, image and the finished product that we buy and finally use or wear. 

Every item has its production history and its origins. Because every single part consists of a raw material that first had to be extracted. Whether yarn, buttons, colours, composite materials of all kinds. They all come from our soils, consist of rare earth and precious resources of our planet. In addition, and this is of course a very sensitive area for me as a vegan, the raw materials that we take from animals. 

So, I appreciate all my acquired products, and I am grateful. In return, I hope to be able to give something back. To find a balance between taking and giving. Because we have never owned anything or have the right to simply take it costing the planet, a creature or a human being. Exploitation is modern slavery and looking away was never so easy. But if we know it, then we should want to know it and show that we do not agree with it! 

Fairness, responsibility and consumer behaviour, for people, animals and our planet mean a lot to me, and all these aspects are firmly connected to each other. 

At this time, our consumption is our consent to what we morally consider to be good. Thus, our buying decision has a major influence on this revolution. 

That's why I choose my consumer goods according to the companies. Because in my vision, trust in a purchasing decision must start right there. A brand decides how to exercise care and what responsibility it bears as a company.  It formulates its missions and philosophies. The brands that I like to support and that I can buy from with confidence are transparent throughout the entire supply chain! 

"There’s a bigger story to be told about the conditions in which our clothes are made, the resources that have been used and the impact they’ve had on communities.” - Emma Watson.

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