Lisa Kremeier


Environment Manager

E.S.H.Q - DIN EN ISO 14001, 9001, 45001

The protection of nature and wildlife has been my ambition since my childhood because my father taught me these values and showed me the fascination of nature. To this day I feel attracted to nature and I am an outdoor enthusiast with all my heart. Already 27 years ago, the first animal documentary I watched on TV, set up my mind that we have to protect our nature. Otherwise, it is not certain for how long these breathtaking places with their huge variety of creatures will still be found. This has also influenced my professional orientation, and so, after my bachelor's degree in business administration, I became an environmental manager in a recycling company. I am looking forward to doing more than that and take a bigger part in protecting mother nature.

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Online Marketing, E-commerce & Magento Development

Benchmarked is an independent creative and digital marketing agency group established in Cologne. We pride ourselves on our ability to help clients become digital pioneers and create greater online visibility, efficiency, and more conversions. We work on a diverse range of projects, from helping startups get their businesses up and running to implementing large-scale digital solutions for corporate clients and develop compelling narratives through a variety of mediums in our studio