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Three surfers and nature lovers would like to make the world a better place. Like destiny wanted, a pilot, a marketing expert and an environmental manager connected in Cologne and turned an idea into a company that contributes to protecting the environment.


Environment Manager

The protection of nature and wildlife has been my ambition since my childhood because my father taught me these values and showed me the fascination of nature. To this day I feel attracted to nature and I am an outdoor enthusiast with all my heart. Already 27 years ago, the first animal documentary I watched on TV, set up my mind that we have to protect our nature. Otherwise, it is not certain for how long these breathtaking places with their huge variety of creatures will still be found. This has also influenced my professional orientation, and so, after my bachelor degree in business administration, I became an environmental manager in a recycling company. I am looking forward to doing more than that and take a bigger part in protecting mother nature.


Finance & Controlling

What defines our character? Often, other people think they know who we are, although they don't know us.
I am a pilot and sleep in 5-star hotels. But I am also a surfer and sleep in hostels, in a 12 beds dorm. So, who am I then?
Is it the clothing we wear, is it the profession we work in or is it maybe the city we live in? I believe that we are defined by the passion in our hearts and by what we are willing to do in order to follow its call. Since years, I am vegan. Not out of health reasons, just because I want to change something. I am a pilot because I accomplished to make my childhood dream come true. Combined with my environmental awareness I am able to save tons of fuel each month.
I joined Stilabunt because I see how much I can change the world just by myself and I wonder what we are able to accomplish together, as one big team — nationality: planet earth.


Digital Marketing

My life has changed when I was 28. I have studied, I did a Master’s degree and got a well-paid manager job. And then? In the end, I was not feeling happier by achieving all those societal values and norms. I could feel that something is missing & that I kind of lost my sense of life, the connection to my roots & mother nature. I made a cut and moved from a big city life in Germany to a little wooden house in the jungle of Costa Rica. And I’ve never been happier. Now, I work online in digital marketing projects to help small businesses and I live in places where I can be closer to the nature & the ocean. With my love for the ocean & rural landscapes combined with my passion for surfing I've discovered the profound need to take action to protect the places where we PLAY and actually LIVE - Mother Earth. That’s why I want to help spreading Stilabunt & sustainable businesses to make the world a better place.