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The beginning of a new chapter for a circular economy and a specialized online platform for sustainable & fair water and outdoor sports. 

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Tourism & Event providers

In the field of water & outdoor sports with a sustainable, fair & innovative background.

All Companies have to fulfill at least one of our eco standards


Selling Platform

We create an unique online marketplace where customers can find selected sustainable & fair brands with eco-friendly products for water and outdoor sports.

One-time setup fee: 50 €

(plus 19% VAT) not for already registered merchants 

Commission: 17% of gross sales price

(plus 19% VAT) 2% is always a donation

Monthly marketplace fee: 40 €

(plus 19% VAT)

Payment Fee - Stripe Connect Custom

(1,4% + 0,25€)

We have a great offer for our first partners! You can be part of our Beta Version and get our special Beta package.



At least one of these standards must be fulfilled by a brand or the products offered:

  1. Raw materials from organic farming

  2. Materials from recycled materials  

  3. Co2 -gentle

  4. Avoidance & reduction of negative environmental aspects 

  5. Cradle to cradle approaches, circulatory ability

  6. Fair production conditions 

  7. Plastic-free and conserving resources supply chain​



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With your sustainable products, we want to create global demand and awareness for alternative products and suppliers in the sports sector. Because if we manage to practice our sport with high performance and meanwhile a minimum ecological footprint, then we will also achieve this with our daily business - sport is the first step and reaches people all over the world - and you could become a part of it. Success belongs to the team.
Stilabunt will be an online marketplace where athletes, customers, companies and organizations will come together with sustainable, fair and high-quality products for water and outdoor sports.
In the associated business directory with networking space, will be the cross-linking and cooperation opportunities, within the eco-sport industry facilitated. In addition, there is an opportunity to plan and implement projects in the environmental sector together.




Your products were one of the reasons why we developed the vision "Stilabunt" into a startup. We believe in a positive change in sports and would like to actively help with Stilabunt and all partner shops. And sport is only the beginning!

Quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety are inseparable. All products offered on Stilabunt must satisfy our standards. Over time, Stilabunt will develop into a trust factor label.


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