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  • the marketplace fee is 40,00 € per month.

    • month to month contract - the first 6 months is our tryout to give you a chance to get to know Stilabunt, see the special offer. 

  • get set up with a one-time fee of 50,00 €. 

    • Thereafter you can upload an unlimited number of products - it's your personal set up on Stilabunt Marketplace. So even if you decide to take a break, we put your set-up on hold for one year.

  • for selling your products through Stilabunt, we take a commission of 17 %.

    • 2 % is always a donation for NGOs, 15% is for Stilabunt.

  •  the Networking Space is for free and part of Stilabunts services. It would be great though to have our stamp on the resulting cooperation.

  • if your company is listed in the associated business directory, only the affiliate fee per link activation will be charged. 

fliegende Bücher


At least one of these standards must be fulfilled by a brand or the products offered:

  1. Raw materials from organic farming

  2. Materials from recycled materials  

  3. Co2 -gentle

  4. Avoidance & reduction of negative environmental aspects - chemicals, hazardous substances, ingredients

  5. Cradle to cradle approaches, circulatory ability

  6. Fair production conditions 

  7. Plastic-free and conserving resources supply chain​



Sales increase, connecting, cooperation, get together

  • Sales increase thanks to a new sales channel

  • Customer acquisition by market similar products and companies.

  • Simple and fast registration as a partnershop:
    Create your own individual shop, where you can present who you are and what you are selling.

  • Two options of handling your account on Stilabunt:
    You can upload an unlimited number of products manually at any time or
    use the shop synchronization function if you already have an online shop.

  • Google and Instagram shopping

  • Targeted marketing

  • Business directory and the Stilabunt networking space -

    • Connect with providers of eco-tourism and eco-projects.

    • Mediation to recyclers and disposal companies 

    • Mediation to packaging specialists in the environmental sector

  • Eco-label due to Stilabunt standards

  • Consulting in the field of environmental protection and fair trade 

  • Shop by Stilabunt - at the point of sale at sport tourism provider



Price list



more about us


We select our partner shops and their products on the basis of performance, fairness, and sustainability. 

Our daily business consists of finding new brands, products, and technologies and bringing them to our marketplace. This creates traffic on our site, which leads to a new circle of customers for our partner shops. A growing international clientele will have easy and comfortable access to products that satisfy environmental and quality standards. We provide transparency for this. 

In addition, our partner shops have access to a wide range of specialists in the sustainable sector to connect within the Networking Space. 

We form a community in which we talk about environmental issues and provide information about our partner shops and their products. We explain the craft from the raw material to the finished product.  This creates enthusiasm about a product in the customer's mind, which will have a positive influence on consumer behavior. 


Who are our customers? 

Water- & outdoor-sportsmen, wave-seekers and snow-riders, deep-sea-divers and nature-lovers, in short - every sportsman who wants to give something back and protect this beautiful planet.


A simple step towards becoming a world savior is to choose sustainable equipment coupled with a little education.
And that is exactly where we pick them up...

We offer a growing and wide range of cool and interesting brands and products. We create more than just an online marketplace, you can find out about the crafts behind the products, discover events around the globe and get many more tips for sports and environmental issues.


With your sustainable products, we want to create global demand and awareness for alternative products and suppliers in the sports sector. Because if we manage to practice our sport with high performance and at the same time a minimum ecological footprint, then we will also achieve this with our daily business - sport is the first step and reaches people all over the world - and you could become a part of it. Success belongs to the team.
Stilabunt will be an online marketplace where athletes, customers, companies and organizations will come together with sustainable, fair and high-quality products for water and outdoor sports.
In the associated business directory with networking space, will be the cross-linking and cooperation opportunities, within the eco-sport industry facilitated. In addition, there is an opportunity to plan and implement projects in the environmental sector together.




Your products were one of the reasons why we developed the vision "Stilabunt" into a startup. We believe in a positive change in sports and would like to actively help with Stilabunt and all partner shops. And sport is only the beginning!

Quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety are inseparable. All products offered on Stilabunt must satisfy our standards. Over time, Stilabunt will develop into a trust factor label.