Environment Management

You have any kind of business and want to become more eco-friendly in your daily actions?

Do you want to transfer your business into a „green“ operated firm? Start now and be a leader in your specific sector in terms of environmental protection!


We offer you a perfect solution. Instead of spending weeks and months with researching we offer you consulting in reducing the ecological footprint of your company. Whether you own a surf school or any other kind of business, we are the specialists in helping you to become an environment-friendly & fair company.

The process would be to have the first talk via skype to get to know you and your business and have an idea of where to start first. After we put our heads together and worked out the perfect strategy for your situation, we will meet in person to discuss the process. We will support you with a plan, schedule and implemented checks to ensure your success in changing. And of course, there is always personal support from our team for all your questions and concerns while and after the process.

The initial meeting is for free, so we have the possibility to see how we can help you. Thereafter, we will come up with an estimate of how much the consulting would cost you. Then you can decide whether to work with us or not. 

So please, feel free to contact us and take the first step to become an eco-friendly company!

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